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hazel + olive take tempelhof field

I cannot believe how long it took us to check out Tempelhof Field.  The former airport is, without a doubt, one of the coolest places I have been in the city.  The mere fact that it houses not one, but THREE dog parks ensures we will definitely be back.  Hazel met up with her best frenchie friend, überlin’s sweet Olive, and the little girls ran around like crazy- it was most likely the best day of Hazel’s life.  Those frenchies seem to play so well together and watching the two of them trot around together was WAY too cute- I thought my heart might actually explode.

If you are dying for more pup pics, both of these little girls have their very own tumblrs: Olive’s Bully in Berlin and I Love Hazel Blue


We have been pretty spoiled in the month of May with long weekends and mid-week bank holidays and amazing summer-like weather- it was a pretty good month.  This long weekend was another GORGEOUS one here in Berlin and we tried to take full advantage of the sunshine.  It was Karneval weekend in Kreuzberg and while sadly we missed the parade, we enjoyed the music, food and dancing at the Blücherplatz celebration.  It also might have been the greatest weekend of Hazel’s life thus far.  We took her to a puppy training group in the Grunewald (a forest at the Western edge of the city) and I have never seen her so happy (or dirty).  I carried my camera around most of the weekend, but somehow the only ones I really have to share are of our little girl, what can I say?  She might be crazy, but I love her. :)   I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

yes, that is a MINIATURE french bulldog- I had no idea they even existed.  He and Hazel are the same age, yet she is more than twice his size.  Seeing them together almost made my heart explode.

Hazel’s dirt beard- she LOVED getting dirty

in addition to dirt, she also really LOVES grass.  I hope this picture might make you giggle :)

I was too busy enjoying myself to take many pictures at the Karneval , but loved the video and photos on Smaracuja.


a farmers market treat to myself :)

Andreas’s lemon-cinnamon sorbet from Hokey Pokey was amazing

Friday’s post reminded me of the AMAZING minted lemonade they serve at the House Café, my attempt to recreate it was not nearly as pretty, but SO delicious.

This weekend we skipped spring and went straight to summer- the weather here in Berlin was AMAZING, and it appears that it is here to stay at least through the week :)  We went to my favorite Saturday morning farmer’s market (the Boxhagenerplatz Wochenmarkt), on our first bicycle ride (to get ice cream, of course) and enjoyed time with the pup.  I decided that our mission for the summer is to try out all the best ice cream shops in town and find our favorite.  We made some huge progress in puppy training: we are actually getting some sleep again and we finally got the courage to leave her home alone for a couple hours (in a safe place of course) and she handled it like a champ.  And because I am more than a little obsessed with her, I decided that Hazel needed her own blog instead of turning Chasing Heartbeats into all Hazel all the time.  Check it out here.

I hope you all had lovely weekends!  How is tomorrow already May?!?!?!


<family portrait :)  it should be noted that Andreas is sitting down as I am standing in heels and we are the same height.<Little Hazel had her first taste exploring the city this weekend, including trips on the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Street Trams and she rode them all like an old pro.  She slept through most of the rides, and while she is super curious absorbing all the new sights – new people, places and other pups, she is pretty calm and collected.  Overall our first week with her has been great, although honestly a really big adjustment.  We still have lots to learn about puppy training and any tips or reading recommendations would be SO appreciated.  I don’t really feel comfortable leaving her at home alone yet when she is awake, hopefully we can work on that this week.  We made a quick stop by the Slow Travel Berlin “Celebration of Creativity, Culture and Cuisine” yesterday held at Markthalle IX, it looked amazing and I wish we could have stayed longer to really enjoy the event.  

After a few weeks of cold weather here in Berlin, it started to feel like spring again this weekend and it is so nice to go outside without my winter jacket again.  I love how the moment the weather starts to warm up, people spill out on to the streets into the terraces and parks- it reminds me a lot of San Francisco, where on any sunny day above 65 degrees, the parks are full of people enjoying the day.  Towards the end of the week it is supposed to be even warmer, hopefully spring will stick around this time.
How were your weekends?  I will be back blogging more this week with some interesting travel posts coming your way :)  Stay tuned!

introducing.... miss hazel blue

little hazel blue is the newest addition to our little family, and Andreas and I are madly in love and more than a little obsessed with her.  We brought her home Saturday morning and spent the weekend getting to know our pup, we have learned that she LOVES sticks- the bigger the better (carrying them around and trying to eat them), is a wonderful cuddler, loves to roll in dirt (and sometimes eat it too), gives lots of kisses and enjoys running around our apartment like a madwoman followed by the most epic naps.  We are completely and utterly in love.

I should probably apologize to my instagram friends ahead of time for the flood of photos of my little girl that I have already posted, surely it is only the beginning :)

Also, I finally created a facebook page and would love your support!  I hope you all had lovely weekends!


We spent a really nice long relaxing Easter weekend with Andreas’s family in the South of Germany.  We caught up with friends, ate way too much cake, walked across the border to France, and I read and loved the first Hunger Games book (and as soon as I finished it, immediately ordered the 2nd and 3rd books).  On Tuesday, we drove a van back to Berlin with our bicycles and my vespa which we couldn’t squeeze into the moving van in December.  On the way back into town we got to visit some of the cutest pups ever, and I decided puppy kisses can turn any day around- after eight hours of driving it was the perfect end to our trip.  Be ready for lots of puppy pictures to come here on the blog because come Saturday we will be puppy parents and could not be more excited :)