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I did a double take when I spotted these images from George Chamoun on pinterest, thinking at first they were images with hue-saturation layers for effect.  On a second glance, I realized they are juxtapositions with the colored images of modern celebrities and the black and white of those from the 50’s.  George says he did not use any warping in photoshop, which I think makes these images even more incredible.  

collages by George Chamoun

the perfect camera bag?

Could it be??  A camera bag that is high quality and cute?
Ever since I have started wearing a smaller handbag (trying to be nice to my back), I have gone back to carrying my camera in a little canvas camera bag.  Which works out because most of the time, Andreas carries the camera, and the bag is not so feminine.  But the ongoing search of the last 10-ish years has been to find a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag.  It probably also does not help that I am picky as hell.  So, when I saw these Ona bags on Jamie’s blog my heart skipped a beat.  Function + Fashion?  yes, please!

water for elephants

For as I long as I can remember I have had a mild obsession with the circus.  But not the modern Ringling Bros circus, but some fantastical vision of what the circus used to be.  I think it might have started when I fell in love with Diane Arbus photos at a young age… whose work I still adore.

Did you read Water for Elephants?  Although it made me cry (I am a total sap), I loved the book, and from the trailer, I am looking forward to the film version.  Doesn’t Reese look stunning posing alongside her co-star, Tai, in May’s issue of Vogue?

Check out more images from the shoot and an interview with Reese on
Photographed by Peter Lindbergh and Styled by Tonne Goodman

the boy amelie

During the big blizzard over the holidays, Todd Bieber found a roll of 35mm film while cross country skiing through Prospect Park and made it his mission to find the owners of the film.  He created the first two videos in his effort to try and find them.  The response he received makes my heart swell, it is incredible how 2 little, although very well made, videos on youtube brought him so many new friends and adventures.  The internet can be quite a magical place, and it is amazing how by connecting us all, it makes our world feel a little smaller.

Matchbook Magazine Issue 2

If you loved the first issue of Matchbook, I guarantee you will die over the newest issue, which just launched!  Waking up this morning and seeing the second issue live was the best way to start my day, it is overflowing with fabulous features, good reads and fashion.  Skip over to Matchbook’s site and see for yourself, and be on the lookout for a little travel piece by moi while you are there!  on page 44!!

Garance & Scott

“Here’s this beautiful young French girl, and I’m going, She’s going to be really great when she’s old…. Garance is smart, driven, all these great Corsican qualities of self-determination, but she’s totally fragile.  Totally insecure.  That’s a real human.  That’s the whole package.”
Isn’t that an utterly beautiful statement?  Reading that made my heart swell a little, I find them both so fascinating.
Read more about street photography’s royal couple as they open up to New York Magazine, here.

photo by Graeme Mitchell