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on comprehending loss

You all know that I try and keep this blog an upbeat and positive place of the internet, but this week has been insanely difficult.  Yesterday the world lost a shining light- one of the most loving, generous and wonderful people I have ever known, who will be missed beyond measure.  I am not even sure as I write this that I am able to truly comprehend what I am typing, and that this is not just a terrible dream.  And while I have loads of lovely things to share from our recent travels, it just doesn’t feel right to be posting any of it right now.  So instead of leaving the blog quiet, I will be sharing some of my favorite photos from my portfolio this week which have never been posted here before.  xo

Lilies in Cape Cod, 2008

sisterMAG issue 3



The latest issue of sisterMAG was released today and I am thrilled to share the fashion story I shot (on page 166). Toni and Thea, the lovely sisters behind the sisterMAG, believe in creating a magazine that is relatable to all women and are therefore dedicated to having real women, rather than professional models, grace the pages of sisterMAG.  Somehow they convinced me to model for a story in addition shooting for the issue, and while I am flattered they asked me, it is so weird to see SO many pictures of myself, and I am quite possibly the most awkward “model” ever!  The latest issue is great, Thea and Toni are such inspiring women and their work never fails to amaze me.  Check it out here in German and English


introducing Ashley Ludaescher Weddings

Moving to Berlin meant leaving the corporate photography job I had held (on and off) since 2005.  While that job had given me a consistent pay check and the opportunity to return to work in Europe (which was my dream since I left Paris in 2007), it was a desk job and one that did not fuel my passion for photography.  Avoiding settling for a job like that was the reason I went into photography in the first place, and while the company was great and I got to work with some of my best friends every day, my happiness and creativity were stifled.

Starting fresh in a new city gave me the incredible opportunity to ask myself what I wanted out of a career and my life.  I had always been afraid of owning my own business because organization and keeping my finances in check have not always been my strongest suit- fortunately I married a german accountant who keeps both of those details on track. (thank you andreas, i love you more than words)  After years freelancing beside my fulltime job, shooting weddings for friends, friends of friends, and a few clients who have now become friends, I myself became a bride and realized how truly remarkable it is to be able to document a wedding day.  It is such an honor to be able to photograph what is one of the most important days in a couple’s life together.  I decided what I wanted more than anything was to be able to help give other couples the same feeling that Andreas and I have when we look at our own wedding photos. To not only just document the wedding day, but capture the emotion and joy as well, and create photos a couple will cherish their entire lives.  I will be available to shoot weddings locally here in Berlin and Germany, as well as throughout Europe (with minimal travel expenses) and obviously travel worldwide too!!  I had originally planned to wait until I had finished the redesign of my website to announce the relaunch of my business here in Germany, but I couldn’t wait another minute to share the news :)  So stayed tuned for a beautiful new logo design, a relaunch of my professional blog AND a new Chasing Heartbeats blog design in the coming months!

for more of my wedding and engagement work check out my newly redesigned site:

I hope you all had wonderful weekends!  Our wedding is featured today on Classic Bride!  A big thank you Sarah for your lovely words about our wedding, it is such an honor to be on your beautiful site!  Check out the feature here.

boarding pass feature

I was incredibly honored to be asked to contribute to Anne’s Boarding Pass series, as I have long been a fan of both and the boarding pass posts and feel so lucky to be featured among such great company.  It was great fun going through my photo archives and reliving my favorite travels.  It also made my normal wanderlust go into overdrive and I am obsessively planning trips for the rest of the year.  I am really looking forward to meeting Anne and hearing her speak at the Hive Conference here in Berlin next month, and also seeing more of her work as art director for the new (and impeccably designed) Wayfare Magazine.  Check out my boarding pass feature here.

photo from sunset in Big Sur, aka my favorite place on earth

wayfare magazine

Have you heard of Wayfare Magazine?  The new travel online mag launched this week, and I was totally captivated by the first issue.  It is no surprise as it I am a big fan of travel magazines, but I was really impressed and it certainly made me want to book a flight and explore somewhere new! Good thing my suitcase is already packed (or not yet un-packed from my trip stateside :)  I definitely recommend you check out the first issue– and if you have already read it, what did you think?  The photography is gorgeous!

hometown love

The SLO Experiment from Robert Weber on Vimeo.

I had meant to post this last video year when it was all over the internet… but better late than never, right?  One of my best friend’s brother created this video of our hometown San Luis Obispo, CA (nicknamed SLO- although I never call it that) and watching it always makes me smile, and feel a little less homesick :)  If you ever have the chance to visit my gem of a hometown, you should.  and while you are there, give it my love.  Oprah declared it the happiest city in the US, and I must agree that it is a pretty happy place.
enjoy & happy thursday!

film swap

Amidst all of the wedding hoopla, I never got around to posting my film swap photos!  This was the second year I took part in Rhianne’s Photoswap, where I sent an un-developed roll of film for my partner to develop, and I received their film in return.  I carried my trusty Diana mini camera around with me for months, and whenever I remembered I had it, I would try and snap a few photos. I am the absolute worst about setting the exposure and focus on the little plastic camera, so my rolls of film are always quite interesting…. this particular roll had some pictures from San Francisco, Paris, Munich, Strasbourg and lazy summer days here in the Black Forest and it brings back all the great memories of summer :)

more photos from It’s A Photoswap 2011 in the Flickr Group


It has been ages since I posted an editorial here, and this one was way too good not to share…  The late and great Wallis Simpson and her style inspired a spread in Marie Claire Australia and I am madly in love with the vintage stylings with Miu Miu and Chanel.  The Duchess of Windsor is one of my style heroes, and in my opinion, her wedding look is one of the greatest of all-time.

photographed by Hugh Stewart and styled by Jane Roarty for Marie Claire Australia
images from C2  via the Terrier and Lobster