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and we are back!

Our travels were quite a whirlwind and full of adventures, and I am very sorry to have neglected this poor little blog. :(  There are so many stories to share, and so so many photos to sort through.  We returned back to Germany exhausted after two and a half weeks jam packed with celebrations, friends, family, laughter and love.  While I may be in need of a few full days of sleep, I am once again reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life, and was even lucky enough to make a few new friends amidst all the wedding hoopla. :)

Our adventure began in Paris, where we started Wedding-polooza, to celebrate the marriage of our friends Nica and Didier.  The forecast the day of the wedding predicted rain and the sky was grey until a few moments into the ceremony when the sun popped through the clouds, which later made for the most amazing sunset.  We celebrated with a charming ceremony in the park and spent the night dancing the night away as we cruised by boat along the Seine, it was a truly lovely evening.

Between the weekend’s wedding celebrations we did a little shopping, roamed the streets, ate heaps of delicious food, rented velib bikes (for the 1st time!), and bought my weight in macarons at Pierre Hermé (for the wedding, Nica picked the perfect pre-wedding job for me).

We searched VRBO and found the most darling little apartment in Montmartre, which is an area of the city I love, but rarely spend much time in. Having a little “homebase” there for a few days was a refreshing new perspective, as when we visit we usually spend most of our time in the same areas of town.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable apartment in Paris, the owners have several flats around Montmartre and the prices are really hard to beat.


and we are off!

Our vacation aka Wedding-polooza* has begun!  It is a beautiful day in Paris, the wedding celebrations of our dear friends Nica and Didier start in a few hours, and I am really looking forward to spending time with dear friends and enjoying the city and all of its summertime splendor.  We have the most darling little apartment in Montmartre and for the first time in years have more than two days to spend here in Paris.  I hope all of you have an amazing weekend as well!

I will try post some photos from our adventures over the next few weeks, and surely there will be lots of adventures :)

This photo was taken on the terrace of my friend Raya’s old apartment here in Montmartre, which had the most incredible views of the city and was located literally next door to Sacre Coeur (even the view from her bathroom window was the picturesque, it was a great view of the church). Click to see the photo larger.

** this is the first of three wedding we will attend in the next three weeks… what has been called wedding-polooza

weekend in paris

A few random shots from the weekend….

SNCF, the French train company, sent me an email a few weeks back with deals that were way too good to pass up and I booked us tickets to Paris without even a second thought (being a 2 hour train ride away is a dream come true, I know).
Saturday was spent Christmas shopping with lunch at Al Taglio where they serve up amazing roman pizza by the slice, and while we were mildly heartbroken they were not serving up our favorite pumpkin pancetta pizza, the new ones we tried were delicious.  Afterwards, Didier gave Andreas a tour of the 5th and 6th while us girls hit up le Bon Marché and drooled over shoes and I tried to resist breaking out my credit card and buying myself any more Christmas presents.  We finished the day with a stop at the Champs Elysees Christmas market, Japanese soup at our favorite Palais Rolaye joint (and the fastest service in Paris), and a few games of cards with some wine and Christmas music.  Nica and I decided on a new mission- to uncover the best hot chocolate in Paris :)  Sunday morning started at Puerto Cacao where we sampled their fair trade hot chocolate topped with cinnamon, and picked up some more Christmas gifts for my sweet tooth family.  We tracked down ice skating in Vincennes, took heaps of photos of each other and then hopped back on our train home and another lovely weekend came to an end too fast, leaving me feeling so ridiculously blessed.

diana + autumn

I carry my diana in my purse everywhere and usually forget that I have it… I finally developed the roll from the last few months.  A bunch of random pictures from our lives, although most of the time I ignore the focus setting- surely no photographic genius here in these photos….. but some lovely memories to share.

a few minutes after getting engaged.  in our swimsuits at the lake.  
Provincetown, Massachusetts from our whale watching boat.
andreas wanted to buy a baseball on our last trip stateside.  and he did.  says its “so american” but we have no baseball gloves to catch the ball.  think we need to take him to a baseball game. :)
randoms snaps from Paris.  day/night.
our colorful landscape on an afternoon stroll along the river.  leaves that change colors?  we do not have that in california.  we have 2 colors- green and brown.
and one from Basel Herbstmesse (Autumn Festival) where the entire city turns into a giant carnival.

Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre

I have been on the hunt for a pair of waterproof boots since I came close to destroying my leather riding boots last week photographing a very rainy wedding in the Black Forest.  While I do love wellies, I want a pair of boots that I can dress up a bit and don’t look so much like your standard rubber boots.  While I have been eyeing a pair of Hunter Boots, these limited editon handmade boots from French brand Aigle caught my eye, which were made specially for their exhibition at Merci in Paris.  The exhibition, “Savoir Faire, Savoir Vivre” celebrates their invention of the Wellington boot 150 years ago.  Here are a few images from Merci, there are many more here and here.

What do you, my lovely readers, think of these boots?  or have any favorite wellies of your own??

parcours de travail

When I heard about Karl Lagerfeld‘s exhibition at one of my favorite museums in Paris, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, I was sad to miss it during the month and a half it would be showing.  But when I booked a last minute trip to the city of lights last week, I knew it would be my only must-do of the weekend- and it did not disappoint.  Honestly I have never been all that impressed with Kaiser Karl’s work, that is, until now.  He showcased his work using an array of alternative processes, which is definitely a way to this little girls heart :), even printing a series on glitter paper- which I think you have to see to understand how fabulous it is.  For those of you who can’t make it to Paris for the show, enjoy my favorites here :) or check out a video here and to the Parisians, I would highly recommend skipping over to Saint Paul for the exhibit.

images here, here & here


I returned from a yoga and food filled weekend with sore muscles and a full heart, and even though I was exhausted from lack of sleep I am feeling totally rejuvenated. Some how time seemed to be on fast forward, but I tried to cherish every moment of the amazing yoga practice – John Friend is incredible and such an inspiring teacher.

I had an hour between my last yoga class and catching the train home and returned back to Nica and Didier’s just in time for an incredible 4th of July hamburger picnic at the Chateau. Yes, I worked my tail off all weekend to finish it off with a hamburger. damn straight. and it was amazing. Thank you Nica!
for the record, this was my third hamburger in the last 10 years (maybe longer) and while I have never really been a big burger fan, these may have converted me over to the dark side.

Somehow I feel like I always end up going back to the same places when I visit Paris. When I lived there, I found my favorite places to eat and always need to get my fix when I am back in the city- this trip we made it a goal to try new eats during my couple hours of lunch break each day. We hit up Al Taglio in the 11th- and will definitely be adding it to my list of favorites. Potato and truffle cream pizza and the pumpkin and bacon pizza = amazing.

Al Taglio
2 Bis Rue Neuve Popincourt

75011 Paris
01 43 38 12 00
Subway: Oberkampf

and Nica got the most perfect Amorino cone I have ever seen.
So basically my weekend was filled with yoga and food :) and a little shopping in between. Hope you all had a great weekend and showed some patriotic spirit for me!

yoga + paris = weekend

waiting at the train station and off to an anusara yoga workshop in Paris for the weekend. more like melting while waiting for the train, that summer weather I was begging for has definitely arrived.

I hope all my American friends have a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoy the fireworks for me! I will be with two of my favorite Americans in Paris trying to be a little patriotic. here in Germany it is American week at the supermarket where the are selling bagels, tortillas, jellybeans, hotdogs and frozen steaks. Happy 4th :)

fête de la musique

paris june 21, 2006
I totally forgot about fête de la musique (until my assistant reminded me, on accident). I was at work, looking at the date thinking to myself “is it someone’s birthday I have forgotten? I know June 21st is something I should remember…” and stupid me totally flaked on the day when music flows out into the streets all over France, aka the best day ever. or atleast one of the best days of the year.
such fond memories from 4 years ago during my first month in Paris dancing in the streets of the Marais surrounded by bubbles and super glamourous gay men. amazing :)