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brooks & katie

Today, my brother will marry his long time love, Katie.  I have considered her my sister for years already, but I feel so blessed to be here in Santa Barbara to celebrate with them as they finally make it official. Katie makes Brooks so unbelievably happy, and surely that joy will only continue to blossom as they continue to grow together.  Congratulations to my dear brother and my new sister, I love you both so much!

I was lucky to have been able to take engagements photos while I was back in California in February- these are two of my favorites :) 

6 months + wedding film

I woke up to an email from Daniel and Davina this morning with some never-before-seen film shots from our wedding, which was a lovely surprise gift as we celebrated our six month anniversary this weekend.  Don’t you love the soft quality of film?  I love film grain and these photos remind me that I really need to take out my mamiya this week, since I brought it back with me from California and haven’t touched it since.
my hair guru/bff Travis Jay is truly amazing.  If any of you California friends need a fabulous hair colorist/stylist, Travis Jay is amazing re-writing my vows before the ceremony.  did i tell you that I forgot to copy one of them?  So when we said our vows, Andreas had one more than I did.  oops.  That might have been why I was laughing here:
film photos by our wonderful photographers Davina + Daniel
I hope you all had lovely weekends!  It was the most beautiful spring weekend here in Berlin, and while I lugged my camera around with me, sadly I didn’t take any pictures.  BUT we finally made some more progress on our flat, and I finally have my very own desk.  I had been working from the TV cabinet for the last few months and it was certainly not that chic.  Little by little, this apartment feels more and more like home.  :)
If you are not completely sick and tired of our wedding photos, you can check out part I and part II

T W O !

Chasing Heartbeats is 2 years old today!  When I started this blog, I was looking for a bit of motivation to pick up my camera outside of work and document my life in Germany.  I had no idea how to blog or if anyone would read this besides my mama.  The last 2 years of blogging has brought so many wonderful new friends into my life and I feel truly blessed to be a part of this amazing blogging community filled with the most inspiring, talented, and ridiculously creative people.  Thank you for reading and for all the love and support you have shown me, they were a pretty amazing and incredible two years!

just a couple of my favorite moments this little blog has documented over the last two years:
Our Wedding | Starting 2012 in Berlin

AND, in celebration of two years blogging, I finally got around to creating a facebook page! Like it here :)

birthday boy

Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know, I feel so lucky to be able to call you both my husband and my best friend.  I know you are less than excited about saying goodbye to your 20’s… but I for one think the next decade will be even better than the last, and I am so happy to be able to spend it with you.  Happy 30!  Ich liebe dich!

top photo by me  bottom photo by davina + daniel

disappearing act

Normally I try to keep my little piece of the internet a happy place, but I can’t lie- this week has been really rough.  My greatest fear in life is that something bad could happen to the people that I love.  I know it is terribly naive to live my life under the impression that those I love are surrounded by some sort of bubble, but so far in my 27 years I have been very blessed.  And then suddenly, the words “stage IV cancer” came to describe someone I love more than words, and I am slowly digesting everything these 3 words mean.  The perspective on life which I thought I had has suddenly been turned upside down and inside out.  I just wanted to say that I am sorry for leaving the blog quiet lately, I promise to be back next week blogging happier things.
Thank you as always for reading and all the support you have shown me- you really are the best.


iphone photo as we drove through ultra foggy luxembourg

Wedding Part 2

I meant to post this second half of wedding photos weeks ago, but once again life got in the way.  If you missed the first half, you can see them here.

The week of the wedding we had gorgeous summer-esque weather in Cape Cod, and I crossed my fingers the weather would last until our Saturday celebration.  My mother obsessively checked, and eventually I had to confiscate her blackberry to avoid her freak-outs every time she saw that the rain forecasted for Saturday was still forecasted.  I, on the other hand, had faith that there would be no rain on the day of our little celebration. and knew that if there was… we would still have a great time.  Although just to be safe, a few days before the wedding I ordered another pair of shoes to wear in case of rain, because there was no way I was going to wear the beautiful Christian Louboutin pumps I had planned to wear, if it was raining.  Louboutins are gorgeous shoes, but definitely NOT rain appropriate and they would have been destroyed.  In the end, it rained all night long before the wedding and we awoke to a bit of sun and no rain clouds in sight.  Which is still good luck, right?  Since technically it rained on our wedding day? ;)

Right before the ceremony the sky turned grey and it looked like a storm was going to come to the party after all.  I had planned the ceremony right before sunset so afterwards we could take my boat out and enjoy a few moments on the lake together, just the two of us.  As we pulled the boat into the water,  the clouds suddenly parted and gave way to the most incredible sunset I have EVER seen.  My mama and I like to think that all of our family members who are buried at the local cemetery in Eastham had something to do with it (including my grandparents who loved Cape Cod with all their hearts).  It was truly a magical moment and incredible way to start our married life together.

The rest of the evening was filled with good food, good wine, lots of laughter and a couple of tears (happy tears of course).  My dream had always been for it to feel more like a fabulous dinner party with our nearest and dearest rather than a wedding and I definitely think we accomplished that.  As you can see, we had quite the dance party.  After it was all over, my friends came down from their cabins in swim suits for a midnight swim, and even though I didn’t have my bathing suit with me, I ran into the lake in my slip and joined them.  It was a fabulous end to the best day of my life thus far, and thank you for letting me share it with you.  xo

if you want to see the slideshow Davina and Daniel made for us, you can see it here.  It makes me both laugh and cry every time I watch it.

Venue: Gibson’s on the Pond
Caterer: Sumptuous Catering
Photographers: Davina and Daniel
Wedding Dress:  Monique Lhuillier & Cocktail Dress:  Antik Batik
My Shoes:  Badgley Mischka
Flowers:  Flowers by Mary
Andreas’s Suit:  J.Crew
Andreas’s Shoes:  H by Hudson
Hair:  tj hazzard
Rings:  Kevin Main Jewelry
Wedding Pies:  Cottage Street Bakery & Marion’s Pie Shop
Ceremony Musician:  Fred Fried

and if you missed part 1 of our wedding, see it here

wedding part 1

I was never a girl who dreamt about my wedding.  To be completely honest, the idea of marriage was something I hardly even thought about before I met Andreas, and it was something we talked about after only months of knowing each other.  And it made (makes) sense with him.  Spending the rest of my days by his side is a thought that still makes me giddy.

When we got engaged last year we both knew we wanted a laid-back, intimate celebration where our friends and family could get to know one another over a long weekend in Cape Cod.  The location was perfect for a lot of reasons.  One, it is almost half way between our two homes.  Two, it is where we got engaged and one of my favorite places in the whole world.  And lastly, because my family has a long history in Cape Cod- the land we own there was purchased in British Pounds and has stayed in our family for generations.  We wanted our friends and family to make a vacation out of the wedding and have a chance to enjoy all the things we love about cape cod, and we wanted to find a place where we could house all of the guests and have the wedding celebration.  Amazingly, the venue we chose for the wedding neighbors my family’s property, and is a small grouping of lake side cottages where most of our guests also stayed, and is actually not a wedding venue at all.  It was perfect.

We decided to break with tradition and start the wedding off with a cocktail hour because I liked the idea of our guests being able to relax and mingle before the ceremony.  Having the cocktail hour first also gave us the chance to go out for a post ceremony boat ride at sunset, which was a crazy wedding dream I had, which turned out picture perfect (photos I will share soon).

I walked “down the aisle” with my parents by my side to our favorite song, “Heartbeats” by Jose Gonzalez, performed by an amazingly talented local jazz musician.  My uncle Richard officiated the ceremony and created an actual “tying of the knot” for the ceremony- where each guest wrote their name on a piece of rope and they were tied together to create a circle of knots, symbolizing the fact that our family and friends are now tied together and we are all connected by our love.   The ceremony itself was very short (just how we wanted it) and had a few bursts of laughter tucked in, one when I mistakenly thought Andreas called me his husband in German.  oops.  I would say we accomplished our goal of not having a boring ceremony :)

We celebrated our first few moments being husband and wife with a champagne toast and afterwards were engulfed in hugs and kisses from all of our friends and family, which was one of my favorite moments of the day.  The feeling of being literally surrounded by love.
party photos to come soon!

photos by our incredibly talented photographers Davina + Daniel

Venue: Gibson’s on the Pond
Caterer: Sumptuous Catering
Photographers: Davina and Daniel
Wedding Dress:  Monique Lhuillier & Cocktail Dress:  Antik Batik
My Shoes:  Badgley Mischka
The Louboutins I had purchased would have be ruined from the rain :( These back-up shoes arrived on Friday morning… Thank you Zappos!
Flowers:  Flowers by Mary
Andreas’s Suit:  J.Crew
>Andreas’s Shoes:  H by Hudson
Hair:  tj hazzard
Rings:  Kevin Main Jewelry
Wedding Pies:  Cottage Street Bakery & Marion’s Pie Shop

Ceremony Musician:  Fred Fried

view part 2 of our wedding photos here

instax love

One of my favorite wedding purchases and latest obsession is definitely my new Fuji Instax Mini Camera.  I forgot to take it out at our Friday night clambake and at the wedding (even though both nights it was sitting right next to my seat) but we still have a giant stack of instant photos from the weeks on the Cape.  These are some of my favorites, but have much more to come!

From top left :
1) Finally days after the wedding we had some time to relax on the beach together
2) my mama and me in our pjs
3) Andreas couldn’t wait until we got home and snuck into the dutch apple pie we bought during our pre-wedding pie tasting extravaganza (aka driving around to a bunch of different bakeries trying one of everything on the menu- not so good for the bridal diet, but oh so fun)
4) a and our niece, miss emma sophia
5) dinner with best friends
6) my mama’s bff cleaned our house before the wedding- what an amazing friend!
7) the boys
8) hanging with the niece and nephew
9) my parents in a one man kayak :)

The last few weeks have been an amazing whirlwind and I cannot wait to share more with you.  Honestly I am not sure it has all soaked in yet, I am pretty much still on a wedding-induced high. aka bliss  :) We were incredibly lucky to have so many of our nearest and dearest travel so far to celebrate with us.  I could not be more thankful for all the amazing people in our lives who surrounded us with love during such a monumental moment, and that includes all of you, thank you for being such incredible friends/readers!  Also, a GIANT thank you to my lovely guest bloggers for all of your lovely posts (and for the great advice!!) and for all of your support as well.

Off to unpack my suitcases and get some much needed rest!  xox

On Love - Fairy Tales Are True

While I am off enjoying my new-newlywed status, I asked a few of my favorite bloggers to blog-sit and write a bit on the topic of love.  Sarah has been living abroad in Basel, Switzerland, which is a short drive from our home in Germany, and she shares her expat life on her blog, Fairy Tales Are True. Her blogs make me realize I need to spend a LOT more time exploring Basel, and her gorgeous photos of her travels throughout Europe do nothing to tame my wanderlust.  If you haven’t visited her blog, I promise you will fall in love.

Ashley is getting married!  I can’t quite comprehend how gorgeous she and the day will be.
Cannot wait to see photos!
Oh, and Hi! I’m Sarah Tucker.
a girl who is a bit obsessed with love herself.
I’m an old fashioned sort who believes in holy matrimony wholeheartedly.
I tear up at the reading of vows, I sniffle through pride & prejudice,
and more often than not I flat out cry when someone tells me their sweet love story.
And yes, pledging your undying love to one person is indeed a tad risky.
But … do not all great adventures begin with a little risk?
indeed they do.
particularly those having to do with
sweet love.
And for me, well marriage has been one big adventure.
We’ve traveled to 19 different countries in under two years since we said “i do”!
Yes, traveling has been amazing.
But the best part has been having my best friend by my side.
Knowing he’ll always be there to back me up.
and love me, no matter what.
That makes my normally busy mind, calm.

So Ashley,
And here’s my electronic card.
I believe this with all of my heart.
It really is the best there is to life.
{in my humble opinion}

cheers to LOVE (: