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Back in March we took a very spontaneous trip to Rome for a long weekend of exploring and lots of pizza, gelato and wine. Andreas had a few vacation days from last year he needed to take before the end of the month so we played a game of skyscanner roulette, aka where can we fly for relatively cheap that will also be warm(ish) in the month of March. We did that last year and ended up in Lisbon which was amazing (even if it was definitely NOT warm).  This trip was equally wonderful and just as in Portugal, we ended up trapped in a sudden downpour on our last day and ended up soaking wet. At least we can laugh about it now, we obviously never learn to travel with umbrellas. We got lots of great food tips from friends before we left and we definitely ate VERY well during our three days in Rome. If you go I can highly recommend downloading Katie Parla’s Rome app and checking out her blog for the best foodie spots around town. Now looking back through these photos, I am dying to get back to Italy sometime this year!!

All of these photos are Fuji 400h scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

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Well, it sure has been a LONG time since I blogged here. Weddings sort of took over after May and then poof! somehow it was the end of 2014. That is life. It was a pretty incredible year. I was looking through film scans from my trip home to California at Christmas when I found these scans from Sardinia. We planned a very last minute trip to Sardinia to celebrate my 30th birthday. Which was exactly what the doctor ordered. We rented a little fiat 500 and spent three days driving down the east coast of the island, stopping to swim and eat pizza along the way.  The wild pigs roaming around the beach still make giggle. I followed them around for a good 20 minutes taking their photos.  <3 Also, right now as I am cuddled up in a blanket next to the heater, these photos make me want to book a flight somewhere warm. I miss the ocean.

All images Fuji 400H scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

and the bride wore valentino

Cruising pinterest the other day, I literally squealed when I saw the top right image.  “Is she wearing polka dots on her wedding day?!?!?!?”  (I really wanted to, but then that Monique Lhullier magically fell into my lap and I couldn’t say no, so I instead I rocked the polka dots to our wedding clambake)  After a second click I realized that homegirl was wearing the Valentino dress I had lusted after for a greater part of last year, and while they are technically not polka dots, they look that way from a distance.  SO chic and unique, and the rest of their Italian celebration looks equally as fabulous, check it out here.

Photos by Bayly & Moore

seaside dreams

These images from the new Chance collection have me longing for a seaside getaway.  They make me so homesick for Cape Cod and our trip there in September feels WAY too far away.  I am hoping for a beach day or two during our time in California in July, but I am really wishing we had a beach trip planned this summer like we had last year in Sardinia.  Maybe I talk Andreas into a weekend road trip to the beach in Northern Italy??  It is only a 7 hour drive!
Any of you lovelies have a beach vacation in your summer plans?  Please share! so I can live vicariously through you :)

Images from Chance 

sardinia + diana

Looking through our Sardinia pictures from my diana mini and now I am longing for the beach once again! And sadly we have had the shortest summer here and it looks like it might be already on it’s way out. :( I love fall, but this summer was such a tease and lasted only the blink of an eye! Although SOOOOO excited to think that in 3 weeks I will be in the good ole U S of A and spending a week and a half lounging at the beach and lake relaxing with my family :) and show Andreas my idea of east coast paradise.

I think it may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Villasimius, Sardinia

A random sprinkling of images from our trip, which went by WAY too fast, but was amazing nevertheless. We lounged around at the beach(es), quickly acquired sunburns (oops! poor andreas’s feet!!) rented a scooter and scooted up the coast discovering a “secret” beach off a dirt road, caught up on a very neglected book, ate lots of pizza and had gelato at least once every day (hey! it was hot!).

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect in Sardinia as I found cheap tickets and just booked them thinking it would be an adventure to go somewhere I knew nothing about, and it was. I imagined the island to be WAY smaller than it really was and couldn’t help but laugh that the giant mass of land we flew over for atleast 30 minutes was in fact Sardinia. We decided on traveling to the east coast because it sounded to be less developed and therefore I thought less-touristic, and although it wasn’t swarming with guide book toting tourists, it was still a bit too touristic for my taste. I guess I was spoiled a few years back when a girlfriend and I hopped off the bus on the West coast of Italy as the only tourists in a tiny beach town with the some of most amazing pasta and seafood I have ever had – I was kind of trying to recreate that experience for Andreas (he had never been to Italy). Regardless, Villasimius was really charming, the sea was like a giant bath and SOOOO clear and the people were super nice- we stayed at a freshly opened hotel and I think we were the first people to ever stay in our room. :)
We had to pull ourselves away from the beach, but we returned home to the land of cornfields and reality totally rejuvenated and with a nice little tan to boot!
oh and smarty ashley here booked a bright and early doctors appointment this morning to bring me right back down to reality where they put me through lots of fun tests for over 3 hours all to finally tell me I am lactose intolerant. joy! good thing I got my fill of cheese and ice cream this weekend ;)

travel dreaming

My mama is prancing around Cape Cod (photos of my favorite place above) with her bff and her daughter and I am DYING with jealousy! Finally summer has decided to come to Germany, but I so wish I was with three of my favorite ladies at the beach! 2 more months though, and I will be there :)
Patience is obviously not my best trait…
But we do have a lovely getaway to look forward to- remember when I was searching for a place to hop away to for the weekend?? I searched this great internet and right as I was getting discouraged, I found us dirt cheap tickets to Sardinia. Even though I knew pretty much nothing about the island, I booked them figuring they were WAY too good a deal to pass up. So now I am doing a bit of research and thinking we will spend our 4 days there hanging in a tiny beach/fishing town just relaxing on the beach doing a whole lot of nothin. Has anyone been there or have any tips? putting all my faith in my new Sardinian travel book, but would LOVE some inside scoop!

looks pretty nice, right??
Sardinia images here