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bits of the weekend

 new shoes for fall from our trip to Boston :)
 because Halibut in German is Heilbutt and it makes me giggle (because secretly I am 12)
The Hamburger Fischmarkt was in town, complete with a ship in the middle of the city
Homemade Chai Tea fixins
scenes from a long Saturday walk

And somehow, simply overnight, it is fall.  I love the beginning of a new season, and the start of fall brings with it such beautiful change as the leaves turn yellow and red.  We took a nice long walk into the vineyards of a neighboring village and I am looking forward to lots more exploring on foot before the real cold weather comes our way!
I hope all of you had lovely weekends, both Andreas and I are feeling sick and I am hoping mass quantities of tea and herbal remedies from the apotheke will help fend off whatever bug we have.

On LOVE - Jenni Austria Germany

While I am off preparing for the wedding, I asked a few of my favorite bloggers to blog-sit and write a bit on the topic of love.  Jenni writes an amazing blog detailing her life here in Germany and her travels throughout Europe (and girl travels a LOT – I am seriously jealous).  I am often caught laughing out loud while reading her posts, especially those which detail having a relationship with someone whose second language is english.  If you don’t already read her blog, you should.

Hello, Chasing Heartbeaters!  I’m the girl behind the blog Jenni Austria Germany and I’m very excited to be with you today.
When Ashley emailed me asking if I could post something about love+Salzburg, it took me about 5 minutes to come up with a list.  I used to live in this Austrian city and, while I live in Germany now, I still find reasons to go back and visit as much as possible;  Salzburg will always have my heart.  Here are some reasons why!

Salzburg and why I L-O-V-E it.
1.  It’s too pretty to be real
When I first posted this photo on Facebook,  a few people commented saying that it looked too beautiful to be real – one person even asked if we were standing in front of a backdrop.  Let me tell you, the city gives off the same effect in person, too.  When I show people around Salzburg for the first time, without fail, there’s always at least one chorus of, “I can’t believe this is a real place!”.
2.  It’s surrounded by beauty
Whether it’s salt mines, ice caves, ski slopes or just plain mountains (hello, Alps), Salzburg is surrounded by nature so gorgeous you’ll begin to wonder if God loves Austrians more than any other people.

3.  No matter which direction your window faces, you’ll be amazed by the view.  
As a girl who grew up in Oklahoma (the flattest state there is), I find myself wondering all the time how I ever lived my life with no gorgeous snow-capped mountains painted across the skyline.  They’ll take your breath away, they will.

4.  The river is spectacular.
Salzburg is surrounded by the Salzach river which is just breathtakingly beautiful.  Maybe I’m biased because I come from Oklahoma, a place where any body of water consists of murky, brown mud, but I could stand on the Mozart bridge and stare out at the Salzach all day.

5.  The nightlife is amazing.
Salzburg is without a doubt my favorite city to go out in at night.  It’s safe, it’s young and it’s so much fun.  Whether it’s a karaoke bar, an Irish pub or a dance club, you’ll be surrounded by youth and energy.  Salzburg is great during the day, of course, but at night, it really comes alive.

Thanks for having me, Ashley!  Can’t wait ’til you get back from your own little love adventure.  I’ll be stalking your blog for wedding photos!


Our friends Nica and Didier came to visit us from Paris for the weekend and with them brought amazing summer weather and the perfect escape from wedding planning (which i desperately needed).  We rode bicycles to the lake where we enjoyed a giant picnic, an intense game of rummy, practiced our synchronized swimming moves in the chilly water and drank champagne in the middle of the afternoon.  It was the perfect way to bid farewell to summer.


my “i love birthday surprises” smile

Andreas surprised me with the perfect little escape for my birthday over the weekend. We drove to the Titisee, a lake deep in the Black Forest, and swam, caught up on some reading and did a whole lot of nothing.  It was exactly what I needed.  Sunday was spent at a new wellness center where I learned that drinking champagne on an almost empty stomach while laying in a 33 C pool will turn you into a even more of a lightweight than you already are and lead to a GIANT case of the giggles.  But since it was my birthday I decided that was perfectly acceptable, so I had two glasses :)

The top two photos were from our last night with Andreas’s sister and her two kids at the lake.  They were here for 10 weeks, and it went by in a snap!  It feels like time is on fast forward right now.  The countdown to the wedding is almost 1 month!

summer sunsets

after far too many weeks of fall-esque weather, summer has finally returned.  hopefully it will stay this way for more than a few days so we can have a few more evenings like this one before the cold weather returns.  tonight we rode the vespa to my favorite lake and swam in the crystal clear, surprisingly warm water.  summer really is the best season here in the black forest, and today i soaked up every moment of it.


 This weekend was a bit like groundhogs day, each day making the 20 minute train ride in the afternoon to Kehl, a town right on the border where Andreas went to school.  It was Messdi, Andreas’s favorite fest of the year, and I ate far too much festival food and enjoyed a few rhubarb schnapps :) (when in Rome, errr Deutschland)

And of course, Andreas shot me a rose.  or three :)
Also, not sure if you noticed but I made some changes here on the ole blog…. Is the font too small?  I can’t really tell since I have a high resolution monitor that reduces the size of everything….  
update:  I made it bigger, so if it is still too small, please let me know!  xo a

weekend and goodbyes


Our weekend was a bit bittersweet, as we helped one of my closest friends here in Germany pack her life into a van and move to Munich.  Her last night in town was spent in the biergarten of one of my favorite restaurants, where we sat for hours on end talking up a storm, at one point I realized english, italian, german and russian were all being spoken (amazing).  
You would think after all the moving I have done, saying goodbye would get easier, but it does not.  Althpugh maybe it is easier when you are the one moving and not the one who stays behind?  The silver lining?  Now I have a friend to visit in Munich (and a free place to stay) :)
I hope all you Americans are enjoying Memorial Day!  
I would be super jealous of your long weekend, but we have a bank holiday on Thursday ;)

And I promise to post some Istanbul pictures this week!  Sorry it has been so quiet around here, life has been crazy crazy crazy this last week.  Somehow time just seems to be flying by, I can’t be the only one who feels that way, right?


Nica and Didier came out from Paris on Friday night for a short little getaway from city life and to enjoy some of the German countryside.  We rented them bicycles and rode to Ortenberg Castle and Nica made it without one accident (she was a natural!) and with only one scolding from a cranky German bike-riding grandma.  ;)  Sadly the weather had other plans for us and it started to rain right as we were gearing up for the ride back to town.  Our men, being the amazing gentlemen that they are, raced back to the house and came back with the car so we could drive home and stay dry (I know, we are both really spoiled).  The rest of the day was spent in Baden Baden at the thermal baths and we finished off the night with an intense game of Rummy.

A lovely Saturday with lovely people.  I feel ridiculously blessed to have such amazing friends only a short train ride away.  I cannot wait for their wedding in July, we will celebrate on a boat ride on the Seine, surely it will be incredible!


Yesterday we drove the vespa right to the French border and lounged by the lake for a few hours, it felt like summer and was glorious.

Other non-photographed highlights were:

celebrating Andreas’s grandfather’s birthday at one of my very favorite restaurants eating Spargel Flammkuchen (a super thin crust “pizza” with white sauce and white asparagus – amazing),

celebrating two years with the most amazing man I have ever met, at my other favorite restaurant where I ate more spargel/asparagus (it is in season right now, and really delicious),

& a 90’s music dance party, which simultaneously made me feel really happy and old, all at once.

oh yes, the German language finally brought me to tears.  I can’t believe it took 2 1/2 years to make me cry.

and also… yes, I am almost so pale that I am reflective. I wear a lot of sunscreen.