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Freiberg + a new lens

I spent last weekend shooting for sisterMAG in both Leipzig and in the sisters’ hometown of Freiberg.  Thea gave me a tour of the charming little city and I got to test out my new 85mm lens while we walked around town. We were there to shoot for the next issue, and I am head over heels in love with my new lens and can’t wait to show you all the photos!  In addition, I got to spend some time with Thea’s parents, who were even more lovely than I had imagined.  We spent a long evening speaking German and hearing stories of the “sisters” growing up in Freiberg. I have been joking about the family adopting me so I can be the third sister for a while, but now I am fully convinced. I can’t wait until their mom starts making clothes for me too (kidding, sort of!).


I woke up bright and early to fly to Paris this morning and will be working here for a few days.  I can’t believe it is has been over a year since I was last here, and I am realized how incredibly spoiled we were living on the French/German border with a two hour train ride to Paris.  I am excited to catch up with Anne and Lindsey and will take lots and lots of pictures to share here next week.

sunday suppers at del monte cafe

My first job was as a bakery assistant.  I was 15 and started work at 4am on the weekends.  As I have never been someone who went to bed early, and I would never in a million years call myself a morning person- I didn’t last long at this job (less than a year, and I fell asleep on the bakery’s work table at least once).  My second job was bussing tables at a small diner in my hometown called Del Monte Café.  It really is a real life Cheers.  The same customers have been coming in every day (some of them more than once a day!) since Del Monte opened in 1981 (the building itself was built in 1901).  I waited tables on and off at Del Monte until I moved to Germany and loved it, and the regulars were definitely one of my favorite parts of the job.  Of course now we stop by at least once on every trip back home and I get to say hi to some of my favorite regulars- this time one of them was talking to Andreas about his time in Germany 50 years ago, it was adorable.
My friend Carrie’s family owns the restaurant and since she moved back to San Luis Obispo from San Francisco last year, she has been cooking at the restaurant on Sunday nights with an all southern menu- a night she has dubbed Sunday Suppers.  When Travis and Randall were driving through town on the Sunday night we were in town, we picked up a bottle of Kynsi rosé (my favorite local winery) and headed over for our fill of good old southern cooking and like we expected, it was delicious.

Del Monte Café
1901 Santa Barbara street
San Luis Obispo, CA

I shot some photos for their website 2 years ago and look on their contact page for a surprise (we took it as a joke, and they used it!) :)

rehearsal dinner + tacos

To be completely honest, I have never been much of a taco girl.  I love fish tacos, but I have been known to be a little obsessed with veggie burritos and always thought tacos were too greasy. After my recent taco experience, I am sold.  My brother and his new wife, Katie, wanted to have a big rehearsal dinner so everyone could attend, as it was a mini-destination wedding and almost everyone was traveling to get there.  My mama and I did lots of research to try and help plan the friday night dinner, but when they mentioned the idea of a taco stand, it was clear that was the best choice ever.  The taco stand came up from LA for the occasion and their food was AMAZING.  Even just writing this post my mouth is watering just thinking about the tacos, quesadillas and guacamole- what I would do for a homemade corn tortilla!  I really should have posted this while I was still in California, because looking at these tacos is torture right now.  Berlin might have some mexican food, but I don’t think it comes close (although, I guess I haven’t tried it all yet).  To my California friends looking for a caterer for an upcoming event, Nana’s Tacos were amazing and really affordable.

Griffith Observatory


Bringing Andreas back to California gives us a great excuse to do some sightseeing, and I have realized how many places in my beautiful home state I myself have never even visited.  We spent a whooping 24 hours in Los Angeles after we arrived in California last week and after some shopping at the Grove, headed up to the Griffith Observatory before our dinner reservations for some amazing views of the city.  Los Angeles was never a city I could ever see myself living, but I have to admit it is starting to grow on me…. I should probably thank my dear friend Rade for that- his love for Los Angeles is contagious. :)

Blog'nhagen Part 1

To be completely honest, Blog’nhagen was so much fun I am not really sure where to start this post.  I thought about dividing the day into two posts, one of all the food we ate and one filled with the other amazing stuff we did, but looking through all my food shots from the day made me so hungry I decided to just break the day in half- before lunch and after lunch :)

The concept of Blog’nhagen was created by Brittany, of The House that Lars Built, and Maria, of Wallnut.  It all started with the idea of driving electric carts around the city and it grew from there- I was honored to be invited to take part in the adventure.  The two of them organized the most amazing day touring Copenhagen in electric carts from Copenhagen by Cart, stopping at some of Copenhagen’s must-see design and foodie spots and we had the most incredible day.  Somehow putting a group of bloggers together always equals insane amounts of fun and pretty much non-stop laughter and Blog’nhagen was NO exception.  People must have thought we were absolutely nuts driving around town with pastel balloons attached to the carts, each of us with a camera or iphone (I was guilty of holding both at the same time) in hand documenting the day, but obviously none of us cared :)  A few tourists even snapped photos of us as we drove by- I wonder who or what they thought we were :)

We stopped by Meyers Bageri a bakery from renowned chef Claus Meyer and picked up bread for our breakfast at Maria’s gorgeous apartment.  Their cinnamon bread was divine- seriously what breakfast dreams are made of!

Maria’s apartment is beautifully designed and of course our table was set with some beautiful paper flowers from Brittany’s shop :)

We stopped by a local designer’s boutique, Baum und Pferdgarten, who had the most beautiful clothes- I desperately wanted to take home that gold coat (and maybe the gold pants too!!)

my friend and travel buddy of the trip, Thea from Sister Mag
Our next stop was Royal Copenhagen, where we learned about the history of the company- they have been creating porcelain since 1775!  And we had the chance to paint our own porcelain plates!  I am not very skilled in the painting department, but it was SO much fun.

all of our plates :)
Isabelle from Dos Family
This was just the first half of our day, I have so much more to share!  Here is a group shot from the Vipp store in their gorgeous matte black kitchen- more from Vipp in my next post :)
Stay tuned for a silly little video I made of our day as well!
A big thank you to all of our amazing sponsors for helping to make our day in Copenhagen AMAZING!  Check out our #blognhagen hashtag on twitter and instagram and our Pinterest page for more Blognhagen fun!


Today I am in Copenhagen for Blog’nhagen.  When Miss Brittany of The House that Lars Built was in Berlin for the Hive, she mentioned this idea she had to bring a group of us together to spend a day touring the very best of Copenhagen- I thought the idea sounded fabulous and it surely will be!  I can’t believe the day is already here and I am SO excited to tell you all about it.  We all will be instagraming and tweeting up a storm, so make sure to look for the #blognhagen hash tag on twitter and instagram :)

Also, tonight there is a blogger meet-up and anyone who is interested can join us!  If you are able to make it, please make sure to say hello :)  More info here.

An introduction to my lovely fellow Blog’nhagen bloggers:

from top left: Jenny Brandt | DosFamily, Annaleena Karlsson | Annaleenas Hem, Anne Ditmeyer | Prêt à Voyager, Brittany Watson Jepsen | The House that Lars Built, Emma Fexeus | Emma’s Design Blogg, Isabelle Mcallister | DosFamily, Maria Helgstrand | Wallnut, Thea Neubauer | Sister Mag

For more info, check out the Blog’nhagen site, and their twitter and facebook!


cute boys :)
Just a few random snaps from the weekend.  Two of my best friends from California are visiting us right now and it has been so much fun showing them our new home.  Summer is here and the warm Friday evening was spent in the park with barbecuing with friends– I FINALLY bought us a grill and it might just be the best purchase ever.  Saturday was Travis’s 30th birthday and we started the day off at Cafe Einstein– their brunch is pretty amazing, did a little shopping at KaDeWe, and finished the day off dancing at Berghain.  As this was his golden birthday, we are continuing the celebrations for the rest of the week :) Getting older only means more fabulous birthday celebrations, right?

Café Einstein Stammhaus
Kurfürstenstraße 58


I just returned from a few days in Amsterdam, where we met up with two of my friends Travis Jay and Randall who are making their way around Europe- and they arrived in Berlin this morning!!!  Andreas had never visited Amsterdam, and even though I had been there a few times before, this trip was different.  We stayed outside of the city center (in an AMAZING apartment- more pictures to come soon) and we spent most of our days just walking around exploring (and eating a LOT of delicious food) and I have to admit I fell pretty hard for this charming little city.  I have not even had the chance to go through my pictures yet, but hopefully these instagram shots will fill the void until I can write a proper post.  I hope you all had lovely weeks!  Thanks for the sweet comments about my little video from the other day- I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but making little videos has been great fun so far.  Stay tuned for a little Amsterdam video next week :)

from the top left:  the outside of our House Trip apartment– it had the most incredible views of the water
a window front that caught my eye  |  soup and branches at Gartine
black painted brick is my new obsession  |  pancakes at Pancakes! 
mint mailboxes
>and last but not least, my dear Travis Jay in his teal hotel suite– life is more fun when you match, right?


Andreas ran a 5k relay race with some co-workers friday night, and Hazel and I cheered him on from the finish line. It was a madhouse of spandex clad racers.

It was pouring rain throughout most of the day on Saturday and I woke up craving pancakes and tried out this recipe- they were nice and fluffy.

Most of Saturday looked a lot like this. All three of us piled on the couch, reading and napping. Something about the rainy weather made me throw out all our plans and relish in being lazy. Once in a while that feels SO good.

Sunday afternoon before the Germany/Denmark game was spent at our new favorite picnic spot at the Tiergarten with our lovely friends Rebecca and Anthony

Hazel was in full shark attack mode. Getting adult teeth is really not very awesome.

someone was feeling really left out of the badminton game….

Hazel trying to make up for being so crazy earlier in the day

New readers might not know about my profound love for summer picnics, and I am looking forward to a summer filled with Sundays like this.  Now I am off to buy a mini barbecue so our next picnic we will be grilling!  :)