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Today I am in Copenhagen for Blog’nhagen.  When Miss Brittany of The House that Lars Built was in Berlin for the Hive, she mentioned this idea she had to bring a group of us together to spend a day touring the very best of Copenhagen- I thought the idea sounded fabulous and it surely will be!  I can’t believe the day is already here and I am SO excited to tell you all about it.  We all will be instagraming and tweeting up a storm, so make sure to look for the #blognhagen hash tag on twitter and instagram :)

Also, tonight there is a blogger meet-up and anyone who is interested can join us!  If you are able to make it, please make sure to say hello :)  More info here.

An introduction to my lovely fellow Blog’nhagen bloggers:

from top left: Jenny Brandt | DosFamily, Annaleena Karlsson | Annaleenas Hem, Anne Ditmeyer | Prêt à Voyager, Brittany Watson Jepsen | The House that Lars Built, Emma Fexeus | Emma’s Design Blogg, Isabelle Mcallister | DosFamily, Maria Helgstrand | Wallnut, Thea Neubauer | Sister Mag

For more info, check out the Blog’nhagen site, and their twitter and facebook!

Concorde Colours at Hotel Concorde

Last week, Andreas and I headed to the west and attended a blogger event at Hotel Concorde to celebrate the launch of their new blog, Fresh and French.  We had really no idea what to expect before the event, and were blown away by the generosity and kindness of the hotel and employees.  We were given a tour of the hotel, tasted the champagne and food served in their restaurants (both were incredible) and got to hang out with some wonderful Berlin bloggers- some who I already knew and some who I am lucky to have met that night.  I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera, so all I have are instagram pics from the event- Hopefully they convey a small taste of the great experience.  It was such a lovely night and I feel really lucky to be a part of this great group of Berlin bloggers, and to be a part of the entire blogging community as a whole.  Random Fact: Did you know that all the friends I have made here in Berlin I have met through blogging?  Technology is AMAZING.

Thanks again to Hotel Concorde for such a great event, hopefully there will be more nights like this in our future.

Augsburger Straße 41  Berlin

And an image of the lovely Thea of Sister Mag and me, courtesy of Concorde Hotel’s photographer that evening. For more of their images, check out this album on the Hotel’s facebook page.

The HIVE part 2

Lindsey spoke about managing life and blogging.  It has been a struggle for me since I started working from home to stay focused and I am now trying to make more of an effort to use my time wisely and be more productive.  Also, one day per week I will completely unplug- no tweeting, emails or blogging.  I am not sure I can stay away from Instagram though…tweeting the best quotes from each speaker with the #hive12 hashtagI found Marika to be incredibly inspiring and she was super charming too.  She shoots stunning street style photography in her home Bratislava for her blog Tonbogirl and has great personal style as well.Emily gave a wonderful presentation about creating a great DIY, which is something I knew nothing about beforehand.  The conference brought Emily and I together and now I am planning a trip to Dublin to visit her!<Andreas brought Hazel by after lunch on Sunday to meet the girls and she LOVED all the attention she got.  She was even featured by Nicole and Lindsey on their blogs!
Hazel & Me by Lindseythe sweetest (& cutest) sisters in town- Thea and Toni from Sister MagAnne from Prêt à Voyager color-coordinated her trip to Berlin AND she matched her dress to her presentation slides.  I loved her pops of neon!  She spoke about blog etiquette and dealing with negative feedback and you can see her slides here.cake disguised as a muffinI am so thankful for the Hive and all the amazing people I met there!  A huge thank you to Yvonne, Peggy and Radostina for organizing and for all the hard work they put into the conference.  I am already anxiously awaiting Hive 2013, and in the meantime planning some more blogger meet-ups!  Any Berlin or Germany based bloggers interested in organizing or attending a meet up, please let me know!

the HIVE part 1

I have so much to share about the Hive Conference, I am not even quite sure where to start.  I opted not to write the world’s longest blog post, so it appears this will just be “the hive week” here on Chasing Heartbeats.  Admittedly, I was a little nervous to meet these super talented and creative bloggers, not knowing what to expect- and you know what?  They were all even more lovely, creative and interesting in person than they are online.   There were several bloggers who I had been tweeting and emailing back and forth for what feels like years and finally meeting them in person felt natural and as if we had been friends for years- which is amazing.  Maybe because what I do is so foreign to most of my friends, being surrounded by people who not only “get” what I do, but who are also incredibly supportive and inspiring was both comforting and incredible.  By the end of the weekend, I felt like I made some lasting friendships, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and I started planning some exciting new collaborations- I can’t wait to see what the future will bring :)

Nicole  |  Alex  |  Emily  |  Me  |  Lindsey | Brittany  |  Anne

The oh so lovely sisters from Sister Mag who are not only beautiful, but well spoken and smart!  Lindsey and I begged Thea to get her Mama to make us a skirt like the one she wore on Saturday, and I might have also asked if I could become the third sister so I could get cute clothes made for me all the time.  (only slightly joking)Design Mom’s impromptu photoshoot with the ladies of Hauptstadt Mutti.  Not only is Gabrielle incredibly talented and creative- she has SIX kids and is so put together and chic- and on top of that, she is also super nice and she is a big Beyonce fan too :)  Her presentation on the business of blogging inspired everyone to make our blogs bigger and better.Brittany‘s business cards!  I totally took a stalker photo of her bag :)  That “book” spine you see is actually her computer cover- sneaky and awesome :)Jeanette’s photography is absolutely stunning, she spoke about online magazines and if you haven’t checked hers out already, do it now.  It is absolutely gorgeous.
a cardboard digital camera from IKEA were gifts for the speakersSadly I didn’t take too many pictures from the first day…. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!

expat bloggers + lunch

image by LindseyRebecca, Anne, Rubi, Alex, Brittany, Emily, Moi & Lindsey– not pictured: Anthony (who took this photo) & Bryan

This weekend was amazing for MANY reasons.  Now that it is all over I am feeling incredibly inspired and motivated, but more importantly so thankful for the amazing bloggers I finally got the chance to meet in person.  Emily suggested the idea of an Expat-Blogger Lunch before the Hive Conference started and naturally I waited until last week to find a place to host it, but luckily I found a great little restaurant on Linienstraße in Mitte.  Lokal had been on my “restaurants to try list” for ages and the long tables and gorgeous window light were the perfect fit, on top of having organic, modern German food.  It also seems fitting that they use a blog as their website ;)  Would it sound totally crazy if I told you that it felt like I already knew some of these girls even though we had never met before?  All of them were even more lovely than I had imagined and SO creative and inspiring!  I have really needed a bit of a push lately to get myself on track creatively and this weekend and the support of my incredibly supportive blog friends was exactly what I needed.  Stay tuned for a post about the Hive Conference (which is the reason everyone was in town)- there is LOTS more to share from the weekend!

the hive in berlin!

I know that most of us were feeling a bit left out when the blog world went totally ALT-summit crazy in January, and I know I wasn’t the only one who was wishing we had something similar here in Europe. When Brittany tweeted me last month about The Hive right after it was announced, I hadn’t heard much about it and she was the only blogger friend I knew who was attending…  nevertheless, I snatched up a ticket during their early bird sale before I left for California, because really, how could I pass up a blogging conference here in my adopted home city?  Now to my delight many of my favorite european bloggers/friends are not only attending, but speaking too!  I am SO looking forward to the weekend and finally meeting some of my favorite blog friends, you should really join the party and come to Berlin, and obviously make sure to tell me so we can hang out too :)

Check out the weekend schedule here