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Inside C/O Berlin

I have professed my love for my favorite Berlin museum here on the blog once or twice before, so I am sure you can imagine how excited I was when I was invited to C/O Berlin’s first blogger event which included a private tour and chance to go inside the building’s dome.  The museum is housed in the former Postfuhramt (Royal Post Office) which was built in 1881, and the space itself is one of the reasons the museum is so special- the peeling paint, ornate tiled floors, even a basketball court where exhibits are held.  We were given a private tour of the current exposition, Zeitlos Schön (Timeless Beauty) – 100 years of Fashion photography, which features some fantastic, never before seen images from the Vogue archives.  Afterwards we made our way up to the attic of the building, to the dusty space between the dome and the cupola and were told to stay together, as the floor was old and potentially not safe.  (We all came out in one piece)  The dome had been badly damaged in the second world war and was carefully restored.  The show is incredible, I have now visited three times and they just extended it for another week (until November 4th).  If you have not yet had a chance to visit, make sure to go now (I promise you will thank me).


C/O Berlin – International Forum for Visual Dialogues

Oranienburger Str 35/36 . 10117 Berlin

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It is really starting to look and feel like Autumn around these parts and I am loving it.  I grew up on California’s beautiful central coast, where the weather is pretty much 75 degrees year round and the hills turn green in the winter and brown in the summer – no real seasons to speak of.  Now living somewhere with real seasons, I relish in the changing colors of leaves in fall, the snow in winter, and the warm evenings of summer.  Andreas still laughs at my excitement over falling leaves :)

Last week I got an email from my dad saying he had a last minute business trip and would be spending the next week in Dresden and between his travels around Europe, could spent the weekend with us in Berlin.  We had so much fun exploring new parts of the city with him and watching him play with Hazel made me oh so happy.  My mama and dad call her their “grand-dog” and I think my mama is convinced she is actually part child.

On Saturday we woke up and took a long walk around Mitte, showing off our neighborhood to my dad, afterwards he was my photo assistant/driver and drove me around while I filmed my two models scooting around town on a vespa.  Afterwards we explored the old underground Kindl Brewery in Neukölln and tried some locally made beer at the Privat Brauerei Rollberg which is housed atop the old brewery.  Yesterday we took him to Tempelhof Field where Hazel got to run wild in the dog park and finished the day off at my new favorite restaurant- 3 Schwestern in Kreuzberg.  It was such a great weekend and so nice to get out of our neighborhood and explore some new places!  It is so easy in this city to spend all your time in your own little hood, and I am happy we have Travis Jay arriving this week which will guarantee more exploring in the coming days :)

Kitchensurfing Chef Fair | Fräulein Kimchi

I am still not quite sure how I discovered Kitchensurfing, but I am SO glad that I did!  As soon as I received the email that tickets had gone on sale for their Chef Fair to celebrate the launch of Kitchensurfing here in Berlin, I clicked to check out the events and was lucky to snag the last two seats at Lauren Lee’s Bibimguksu version 3.1 Korean lunch.  I am slightly obsessed with Korean food and was excited to try Fräulein Kimichi’s cooking and the lunch definitely did not disappoint.  Kitchensurfing is just in the process of launching here in Berlin after a successful few months in New York, and I love the concept of offering an alternative arena for chefs to share their love of food outside of cooking in a restaurant.   Kitchensurfing helps connect food lovers with chefs specializing in a wide range cuisines, click here for a list of chefs here in Berlin.  I love the idea of hiring a chef to come and cook for a group of friends; I am seriously toying with the idea of having a Kitchensurfing chef come cook our annual Faux-giving Thanksgiving feast so I can kick back and enjoy the evening without spending the entire day in the kitchen (although I do quite enjoy creating epic messes while cooking).

And man, just posting these images makes me crave some kimchi and korean food and it is not even 9am!  I guess I know what we will be eating tonight for dinner :)


After a few busy weeks of work and travel, it was so nice to just relax this weekend with my little family and spend as much time away from my computer as possible.  We walked around the neighborhood with Hazel, went to my favorite farmers market in the city, checked out the Berlin Marathon’s finish line*, had delicious coffee and cake at Five Elephant in Kreuzberg and finally got to go on a proper date to celebrate our first year of marriage.  It is really starting to look and feel like Fall around these parts, which something I am welcoming with open arms- I LOVE Autumn!


* I couldn’t help but giggle that one of the sponsors of the event was a beer company, and Andreas told me that a German runners’ trick is to drink an alcohol-free Hefeweizen after a long run to replenish the body.  You learn something new everyday :)  Something about finish lines turns me into a total sap- someday hopefully I will run another half marathon, if only I could convince Andreas to join me…

exploring berlin | Schlachtensee

It seems that we may have already seen the last days of summer here in Berlin, but we did have a few lovely and hot days spent by the water.  When the temperatures spike, it seems everyone in the city sprints to the lakes and the Schlachtensee is one of the easiest to reach (as it lies directly off the sbahn line 1)- that also means when the weather is nice, it is VERY crowded.  I have heard lots of complaints about the lack of summer-esque weather this year in Berlin, but we were lucky to have spent a few days at the Schlachtensee, enjoying the trail which wraps around the lake and trying (albeit sort of unsuccessfully) to teach Hazel to swim.  My fingers are crossed in hopes of a few more summer days before I break out my jackets and scarves once again!

More snaps of the lake by Zoë in Überlin’s post

hazel + olive take tempelhof field

I cannot believe how long it took us to check out Tempelhof Field.  The former airport is, without a doubt, one of the coolest places I have been in the city.  The mere fact that it houses not one, but THREE dog parks ensures we will definitely be back.  Hazel met up with her best frenchie friend, überlin’s sweet Olive, and the little girls ran around like crazy- it was most likely the best day of Hazel’s life.  Those frenchies seem to play so well together and watching the two of them trot around together was WAY too cute- I thought my heart might actually explode.

If you are dying for more pup pics, both of these little girls have their very own tumblrs: Olive’s Bully in Berlin and I Love Hazel Blue

saturday by bicycle

We had planned to go away to the Baltic Sea for the birthday weekend, but after Andreas spoiled me rotten on my birthday and a few crazy busy weeks, we decided to just hang out here in Berlin.  So Saturday when we had no plans and were graced with a beautiful summer day, we hopped on our bicycles with no real destination in mind.  Something we used to do all the time in the Black Forest, just riding around exploring new places is one of my all-time favorite ways to spend a sunny day.  We ended up in Treptower Park and made it to the Insel Berlin (also known as Insel der Jugend), a little island in the middle of the Spree, which  I have now declared one of my favorite places in the city.  The little biergarten on the island is so sweet and you can sit directly on the water and watch the boats pass by- it was truly one of the best days in ages and I couldn’t wipe the smile from my face :) Riding back to Mitte along the Spree at sunset was absolutely gorgeous and I had to resist the urge to stop every 10 feet to take a picture- again reminded me how lucky I am to call this city home.

exploring berlin | Liquidrom

I have professed my love of spas many times before, so you may already be well aware of how much I love living in a country who appreciates a good thermal bath.  We used to live a half an hour from Baden Baden, which is one of those most famous spa towns in Germany with two thermal baths, Caracalla and Friedrichsbad, both of which I love.  We went to the Caracalla often, whenever a few hours lounging around in thermal pools sounded like a good idea.  When I lived in San Francisco, I lived down the street from the Kabuki Springs, a wonderful Japanese spa- if you go, get a shiatsu massage and then enjoy the pools, trust me- it is amazing :)

Yesterday was my birthday, which admittedly I wasn’t too keen on celebrating this year.  Nevertheless, Andreas made it a really lovely day spoiling me rotten and we ended the day at Liquidrom, a spa near Potsdamer Platz.  The main feature is a large salt water pool where music is played under water in which you float almost weightlessly and all the stresses of life seem to just wash away.  They have DJs once a week as well as a classical music night- last night was a mix of music ranging from Edith Piaf to down tempo stuff.  In addition to the pool, they have a fabulous steam room and multiple saunas (although be warned they are not for the modest as the Germans apparently have a love of nudity- swimsuits are notallowed in the sauna or steam room, but required for the pool).  It was exactly what I needed after a very busy past few months and I realized how much I have missed a spontaneous trip to the spa since we moved to Berlin- we will definitely be back.


Möckernstraße 10

Exploring Berlin is a series following my favorite discoveries around my new home city.

images courtesy of Liquidrom


reflections at Treptower Park

flowers Andreas bought me at the farmers market
He always shoots me a rose :)
It has been a while since little Miss Hazel graced this blog, I am sure you are all having withdrawls ;)

Here are a few random snaps from our weekend here in Berlin.  After seeing posters all over the city announcing the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest (German-American Festival), on a whim Andreas and I decided to check it out.  It was like most German festivals, except with American food & drink stands selling expensive soda and processed foods, a statue of liberty wearing a thong, huge printed Americana billboards complete with one of Mount Rushmore, and lots of rides.  I am slightly obsessed will all things carnival-esque so these types of fests are always lots of fun for me, even if they are incredibly cheesy and really designed for children.  We rode go-carts on a track that looked like it could collapse at any moment and the carts themselves were way past their prime, although that just made the ride both thrilling and terrifying :)

Andreas’s aunt is staying with us right now so we spent lots of time exploring the city by foot and visited Treptower Park for the first time yesterday which is lovely and super clean- which is a big plus when Hazel is around.  Speaking of dogs eating crap off the ground, Hazel ate an olive pit and a chocolate covered almond on Saturday, both of which caused her to be super sick, which meant a sleepless Saturday night for all of us :(  If anyone has tips about training your dog not to eat off the sidewalk, I am all ears!

sisterMAG issue 3



The latest issue of sisterMAG was released today and I am thrilled to share the fashion story I shot (on page 166). Toni and Thea, the lovely sisters behind the sisterMAG, believe in creating a magazine that is relatable to all women and are therefore dedicated to having real women, rather than professional models, grace the pages of sisterMAG.  Somehow they convinced me to model for a story in addition shooting for the issue, and while I am flattered they asked me, it is so weird to see SO many pictures of myself, and I am quite possibly the most awkward “model” ever!  The latest issue is great, Thea and Toni are such inspiring women and their work never fails to amaze me.  Check it out here in German and English