We had the opportunity to check out Casa Camper for my Berlin travel story for Matchbook Magazine last year, and while walking by their Mitte location last week I realized I never shared the hotel here on the blog- which is crazy since I still dream of moving into the hotel.  We loved the unique design of the interior and exterior of the hotel and the “home away from home” welcoming feel to the rooms.  They have another location in Barcelona which looks equally amazing, which hopefully we will get to visit as well someday soon!  Camper not only makes both super comfortable and chic shoes, but I also would use the exact words to describe their hotel.  The design is modern, yet functional and cozy.  Instead of Mini-Bars inside the rooms, Casa Camper’s top floor is a 24 hour a day kitchen, full of delicious food and drinks available free for guests.  This might just be the greatest idea ever, I love hotels who don’t charge for every little amenity (it kills me when an already pricey hotel tries to rob you by charging for wifi- grrrrrr).  Offering free wifi and free snacks make me love Casa Camper even more, surely more hotels would have much happier guests by adopting some of Casa Camper’s practices :)

Did you have a nice weekend?  We are enjoying our third bank holiday of the month tomorrow and as the last few weeks have been pretty much non-stop, I am looking forward to spending the day with Andreas and Hazel and getting some much needed relaxation.

top image c/o Casa Camper – all others by me