I arrived in California determined to document my trip and have lots of photos to share, but unfortunately I got a nasty American flu on top of the German bug I had been fighting for a few weeks… and I didn’t get to take my camera out as much as I hoped, due to the fact that I spend two of my days at home in bed watching bad American TV with my mama.  And somehow I have become obsessed with this season of the bachelor, Courtney is so cray cray.   I did manage to capture a bit of my travels with my iPhone- and now looking back at these I am  realizing most of what I shared was food I ate and my best friends’ dogs.  Although they also happen to be a couple of my favorite things :)  and I could really go for some of that frozen yogurt right now….

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from the top  (left to right)
St. Francis potato thing on my first morning in San Francisco.  potatoes covered with salsa + cheese?  amazing.
Flying business spoils me every time… but I always want to enjoy my time there and never sleep very much, which totally defeats the purpose of flying business.
frozen yogurt with berries and mochi.  yumm yumm and yumm.
one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen in the city.
ace & me, cyda and ace.
i joined my friend alissa to ceramics lab at her college and pretended i was a student.  i used to be pretty good on the wheel, and even debated majoring in ceramics instead of photography… but now i really need some practice.
travis, randall and sickie moi in santa barbara.
emmy lou is a really crazy dog.  but so damn cute.
travis jay and i playing with his new computer.
emmy lou at the beach.
winter on california’s central coast.  not bad, eh?
my idea of heaven.  salsa bar.
breakfast my sister in law made me and my brother when we were sick with the flu.  she is amazing.
an la sunrise on our way out of town.
post office boxes made me want to get a post office box, or find a way to buy these and put them in my house.