My first Blog’nhagen post left off after our plate painting at Royal Copenhagen, our next stop was to walk next door to The Royal Café.  We walked into the cafe and immediately started photographing the restaurant- it was so beautiful and the space just begged to be photographed.  We were treated to their famous “smushi”-which is a combination of the two words “smørrebrød” and “sushi” and is a play on the traditional danish open faced sandwiches.  If our lunch was not enough, we then moved outside to the garden area of the restaurant to tables filled with the most incredible desserts- this was really one of the best lunches of my life.

The prettiest (and most delicious) gaspacho I have ever eaten.Bloggers eating lunch- everyone with a camera or phone in their hand :)Smushi!Even though we had already had an abundance of sweets, I could not resist trying each of these and might have had more than one of each- ridiculously amazing.Anne the hand-model.  Round two. Our next stop was at the Vipp flagship store.  Vipp is known for their “pedal bins” which is a lovely, much more sophisticated word for a trash can. :)  Their store is beautiful and they design a whole lot more than just pedal bins- even kitchens!  I was drooling over their new matte black kitchen.Annaleena photographing the new matte black kitchen at Vipp
Anne enjoying her very first coffee, ever!!! (I know, really!) at The Coffee Collective, where we learned the art of filter coffee.  Not only is their coffee delicious, they take part in direct trade which offers farmers 25% more than fair trade.

Agnes Cupcakes were on our tour more than once in the day

the group (minus Jenny, who took the photo)

Our next stop was A XOCO by Anthon Berg, aka chocolate paradise.  We learned about working with chocolate and made “Foam Kisses” which are a meringue-marshmellow “kiss” atop a layer of marzipan, then covered in chocolate.  No one could resist sneaking tastes of the treats and dipping our fingers in the chocolate fountain- we were joking the entire time about being a part of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  It was ridiculous and somehow being there turned us all into kids again!  Our chocolate teacher, Jesper, had an incredible amount of patience :)

We all could not resist- like little kids in a chocolate factory :)

Foam kisses dipped in chocolate
 Our carts all lined up in a row!
Our last stop was at Anton Dam, a design shop I desperately wanted to move in to.  They had the most incredible furnishings and provided tons of inspiration for our apartment.  If only I could have found a way to bring back some pieces on the plane!
Anne & Liv

The evening ended with a picnic alongside the water’s edge and we were treated to an amazing sushi dinner from Sticks’n’Sushi.  I had literally never seen so much sushi in one place all together in my life and definitely enjoyed helping to make it all disappear ;)
Our lovely Videographer, Liv, who was such a trooper filming ALL DAY long

Thea & JJ-who was an enormous help keeping us on schedule- he rode his bike along our Blog’nhagen tour!

Brittany and Juliane
Our Blog’nhagen group!  From left to right- Brittany, Emma, Thea, Maria, Jenny, Isabelle, Annaleena, moi, & Anne
As I mentioned before, Blog’nhagen was pretty much non-stop fun.  It was my first trip to Copenhagen and having the opportunity to explore the city with locals was an incredible experience, and on top of that I met some fabulous new blog friends as well!  The best part?  This is just the first in a series of city tours!  Stay tuned for what fabulous things Brittany whips up next :)