If you have never driven up the California coast on highway 1 through Big Sur, promise me you will do it sometime in your lifetime.  you will thank me.  Andreas was pretty much sold on California after our little road trip up the coast, oh wait, who i am kidding, he loved the state long before he even visited!  We have Baywatch to thank for that ;)
Anyway… it was the perfect day and the perfect weather exploring one of my favorite parts of my home state.  We had lunch over looking the ocean on the patio at Nepenthe, which has pretty much the best restaurant view in the world.  or at least one of the best :) 
And now, writing this post and hearing about the 80 degree weather I am feeling utterly homesick, and its only been 10 days!  :(  Well, on the bright side, only 176 more days until we fly back :)