Our travels were quite a whirlwind and full of adventures, and I am very sorry to have neglected this poor little blog. :(  There are so many stories to share, and so so many photos to sort through.  We returned back to Germany exhausted after two and a half weeks jam packed with celebrations, friends, family, laughter and love.  While I may be in need of a few full days of sleep, I am once again reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life, and was even lucky enough to make a few new friends amidst all the wedding hoopla. :)

Our adventure began in Paris, where we started Wedding-polooza, to celebrate the marriage of our friends Nica and Didier.  The forecast the day of the wedding predicted rain and the sky was grey until a few moments into the ceremony when the sun popped through the clouds, which later made for the most amazing sunset.  We celebrated with a charming ceremony in the park and spent the night dancing the night away as we cruised by boat along the Seine, it was a truly lovely evening.

Between the weekend’s wedding celebrations we did a little shopping, roamed the streets, ate heaps of delicious food, rented velib bikes (for the 1st time!), and bought my weight in macarons at Pierre Hermé (for the wedding, Nica picked the perfect pre-wedding job for me).

We searched VRBO and found the most darling little apartment in Montmartre, which is an area of the city I love, but rarely spend much time in. Having a little “homebase” there for a few days was a refreshing new perspective, as when we visit we usually spend most of our time in the same areas of town.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable apartment in Paris, the owners have several flats around Montmartre and the prices are really hard to beat.