I just returned from a few days in Amsterdam, where we met up with two of my friends Travis Jay and Randall who are making their way around Europe- and they arrived in Berlin this morning!!!  Andreas had never visited Amsterdam, and even though I had been there a few times before, this trip was different.  We stayed outside of the city center (in an AMAZING apartment- more pictures to come soon) and we spent most of our days just walking around exploring (and eating a LOT of delicious food) and I have to admit I fell pretty hard for this charming little city.  I have not even had the chance to go through my pictures yet, but hopefully these instagram shots will fill the void until I can write a proper post.  I hope you all had lovely weeks!  Thanks for the sweet comments about my little video from the other day- I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but making little videos has been great fun so far.  Stay tuned for a little Amsterdam video next week :)

from the top left:  the outside of our House Trip apartment- it had the most incredible views of the water
a window front that caught my eye  |  soup and branches at Gartine
black painted brick is my new obsession  |  pancakes at Pancakes! 
mint mailboxes
>and last but not least, my dear Travis Jay in his teal hotel suite- life is more fun when you match, right?