I somehow never knew there was a Statue of Liberty in Paris until a wedding last summer celebrated on a boat on the Seine.  Andreas told me we were about to pass the statue of Liberty and I thought he had helped himself to one too many glasses of Champagne.  Turns out, I was the crazy one. Oops.
I feel like I know my way around the city of Paris pretty well, as I have been lucky to visit countless times before and after my year living there.  Although that said, it feels like we somehow always seem to hang out in the same parts of the city and there are still so many places I have yet to discover.  This trip was especially fun because I got to explore with both Anne and Lindsey, two locals living on different sides of the city, which meant I got to see lots of new-to-me places :).  Anne, Angelo (her friend visiting from the US) and I spent one full day together, most of which was spent working on a project together (which I can’t wait to show you!), but after we were finished we ended up by the Eiffel Tour and we just started walking west along the Seine- an area I had never explored.  We ventured pretty far from the normal tourist path (which always makes me mighty happy), admired some wild 80’s high rise buildings, and I snapped a few photos along the way.