I still can’t believe a year has passed since we moved to Berlin and at the same time, it feels so much longer than that.  I owe all of you, dear friends and readers, a huge thank you for all the love and support you have shown me this past year.  Taking the leap to full-time freelancing has taught me so much about myself, at times was terrifying (and still sometimes is), and it has once again shown me how amazing this blog world is.  I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Here are a few of my favorite 2012 memories:

we started 2012 off with an apartment full of boxes and no furniture but were thrilled to finally call Berlin home.

we were welcomed to the city with -20C temperatures, a cold I had never felt before. Fortunately I had a trip planned to California so I escaped before I turned into an icicle.

I was blessed to be able to photograph my brother Brooks and his fiancé (now wife!) Katie while I was home. We were both super sick with a nasty flu, but we managed to take some beautiful engagement photos at sunset in our hometown.

We celebrated Andreas’s 30th birthday in Hamburg and I fell for the charming harbor city.

After months of searching, we found and quickly fell in love with sweet little Billy Jean, who we quickly re-named Hazel Blue.

we are obviously slightly obsessed with her, and totally okay with that :)

The first Hive Conference took place here in Berlin in March and I finally got the chance to meet some fabulous blog friends in real life. I feel so very blessed to call these girls dear friends!

Andreas and I met up with our lovely friends, Travis Jay and Randall, in Amsterdam and combined a travel photography trip with lots of shopping and eating.

I was thrilled to take part in the first Blog’nhagen in Copenhagen with 8 other bloggers. To say it was fun would be a huge understatement.

The Blog’nhagen group: Thea, me, Brittany, Isabelle, Annaleena, Anne, Emma, Maria, Jenny.

we spent most of our summer exploring Berlin’s parks and lakes.

In July, we celebrated Brooks & Katie’s beautiful wedding in Santa Barbara, a town Andreas has decided is heaven on earth.

I photographed the cover of Issue 4 of sisterMAG as well as a fashion story inside the magazine.

I was thrilled to be asked to shoot a “Lover’s Guide to Berlin” story for Reverie Magazine, which was styled and produced by Thea and Toni from sisterMAG

Thea, Anne and I traveled to Eindhoven for Hello Etsy, which was super inspiring and so fun to meet lots of talented and creative new faces.

I photographed a story written by Lindsey, of Lost in Cheeseland, for The New York Times T MAG in Paris.

After a few months of teaching myself how to shoot and edit video, I shot my first video for a commercial client, celebrating the new and improved Everplaces iPhone app.

I hosted my very first giveaway on my weddings blog and winners Daryl and Steven came to Berlin for their couples shoot, we had a great time exploring the city and taking pictures together.

although my hometown is pretty amazing all year round.  We celebrated Christmas with family, friends, cinnamon rolls, 4 hour games of Monopoly (I finally won!!), walks on the beach, afternoon hikes, burritos, and lots of sunshine- the perfect California Christmas.

I hope 2013 is off to a great start for all of you! I have a feeling this will be a great year :)