When I left Berlin three weeks ago, the city was frozen and it was -15 Celsius.  I love winter, probably because I never had real seasons growing up in California, but it was so damn cold in Berlin I didn’t even want to go outside.  But since it was snowing and i LOVE snow, before I took the train to catch my flight to San Francisco, we decided to venture out into the cold.  We explored the snow covered Tiergarten, where we discovered that the lakes had frozen over and people were ice skating on them.  I had never seen this in real life before and was pretty terrified walking around on a frozen lake- obviously I think I have heard one too many stories about the ice cracking and people falling in. We have had a funky winter here in Europe with hardly any snow, it was nice to finally have a bit of winter wonderland before I escaped the cold and enjoyed a California winter, aka Spring:

lots more to come from California this week!