In all the years I have visited Cape Cod, I had never made the trip to Nantucket.  This year my mama decided she wanted to celebrate her birthday a bit early while Andreas and I were on the cape and take the ferry to Nantucket.  The day we visited we were blessed with beautiful weather and since it is still off-season, the island was pretty quiet and free from the throngs of tourists that come in the summer months.  We spent the afternoon strolling the streets and exploring the incredibly charming town and later ventured out to Cisco Brewers to sample the island’s beer.  The brewery/winery/distillery has a lovely patio and we brought along sandwiches to enjoy with our beers.  Normally I am not much of a sunbather, but after our long winter, I was craving some sun on my skin and soaked up all the sun I could get!  Before catching the last ferry back the Hyannis, we had an amazing dinner at Black Eyed Susan’s, a meal I am still dreaming about.  It was such a lovely little getaway and I am already looking forward to our next trip to the cape and Nantucket.  Happy birthday Mama!!