I have been dreaming of being able to use Brittany’s beautiful paper flowers in a shoot since the first time I laid eyes on them!  So of course I was beyond thrilled when Thea asked if I was available to go to Copenhagen to photograph not only her flowers but Brittany and her studio as well.  Thea and I spent a quick 36 hours in Copenhagen and we had a very fun and very successful shoot with Brittany yesterday (I cannot wait to share the photos)!  Brittany’s studio is so colorful and inspiring and we commented it was as though we had literally stepped into her blog- a craft disneyland of sorts.  I also did a little shopping while we were there and filled my suitcase with some fabulous items from her etsy shop, if only I had been able to bring some giant paper flowers back on the plane with us.  Darn you easy jet and your 1 bag requirement!

Brittany was such a trooper modeling short-sleeve tops and skirts on a very chilly day in Denmark.

This plate from B’s Royal Wedding Collection is now proudly hanging on my kitchen wall, next to the Royal Copenhagen plate I painted at Blog’nhagen

This morning I woke up long before the sun to catch our flight back to Berlin and somehow in my very sleepy state, I agreed to run the Berlin Half Marathon with Andreas.  I ran one 4 years ago, but admittedly have not been much of a runner since then.  Oh man, not quite sure what I just got myself into….. eeeek!

I hope you all have lovely weekends!  We are off to the Black Forest this afternoon to visit family and friends and it will be Miss Hazel’s very first road trip!  Our little city pup is going to love running through the fields which surround Andreas’s childhood home, and I am looking forward to my mother-in-laws baked goods and catching up with a some old friends.  After a wild week of traveling, I am actually looking forward to the 7 hour drive south this evening and being able to relax and finally catch up with Andreas and hear all about his week.  Although let’s be honest, I will most likely sleep most of the drive.  :|