Just some random shots from Caroline’s visit to Berlin a few weeks back. Caroline and I have been friends since 3rd grade, and even though I rarely get the chance to see her, every time we are together it is if no time has passed at all. It was so much fun to show her the city- even though the trans-atlantic flight somehow gave her something resembling vertigo and she was super sick, and on top of that it was FREEZING the two days she was here, and she lives in San Diego so anything below 65F is cold (she doesn’t even own a jacket and had to borrow one for her trip!) She was here for two days, but was too sick to see much her first day here, so this was our tour of the city in one day:

in the elevator to visit the Reichstag Dome- I love the lady’s face behind us. What? its not normal to take pictures in the elevator mirror?? :)

I gave her a vespa tour of the city. She said I drove too fast….which is very possible. blame my dad for that, he used to race rally cars and he is the one who taught me to drive.

she had her first Currywurst at Curry 36

and afterwards we walked through Viktoriapark

where Caroline took this of our little family :)

then we drank mint and ginger tea in Kreuzberg.

we visited one of my beloved photoautomats

and walked through the Memorial for Murdered Jews in Europe. I have to admit how horrified I was at all the people playing hide and seek and running around in the monument. It felt super disrespectful and left me with a really bad taste in my mouth.

is this puppy abuse? :(

I know we missed a lot of the city, but it was a great day together.

if you had one day to show a friend Berlin (or your city) where would you take them??