We never had a honeymoon.  Not a real one, at least.  We spent a few nights in Boston after our wedding last year as a “mini-moon” but it was way too short and sadly, we had a pretty horrible experience at the 5-star hotel we stayed at.  After the wedding, there was Christmas and then we moved to Berlin and somehow time just got away from us.  As this year we are spending over a month in the US with two more weeks at Christmas (woo hoo!), Andreas’s vacation time is pretty much already tapped out for the year.  Now we are coming up on our one year anniversary and I decided that instead of taking one long fabulous honeymoon, instead maybe we could take one real vacation every year to celebrate our anniversary for the next few years.  A vacation where we do a whole lot of nothing and just relax on the beach or by a pool and enjoy our time together.  Most of our traveling lately is for work or to go home to the US, which is always great, but never very relaxing.

So, lovely blog friends, if you had 5 days to go anywhere a short flight away from Berlin, where would you go?  I would love to swim, so a pool or beach are necessary and I want to go somewhere new and preferably off the beaten path (meaning without swarms of tourists).  Any tips for us, or places you yourself are dying to visit?  

These photos are from our last real beach vacation in Sardinia, which was a lovely little getaway- We rented a scooter, found some hidden beaches and our ghost-esque German skin got WAY too much sun.